The occupation of the Guantanamo Naval Base territory violates the International Law

CUBA, March 21, 2016.- The National Association of Cuban Lawyers (UNJC by its acronym in Spanish) issued a statement saying that President Barack Obama, who is a brilliant lawyer, as well as his wife, should take into consideration the violations of the Treaty of Guantanamo naval base which make it void ab initio (void from the start).

The Association of Cuban Lawyers suggests that the President of the United States study these violations from the general principles of Rights, and he will agree on the illegality of that treaty since: First, “it violates the general principles of ius cogensud, all the treaties have beginning and end, and that of the Guantanamo Naval Base has not. It has remained intact. No contract can be signed under duress, since the principle of will characterizing all the treaties would be broken. “The document was adopted in 1903 and signed under the Platt Amendment appendix imposed by the United States on the 1901 Constitution, which put a condition on the relationship between both countries.

Second, “nobody can contradict one’s own words and facts; Cuba was stated to be Free and Independent by the Joint Resolution and the Treaty of Paris, in what way? Keeping a territory occupied and restricting the Cuban people’s and Government’s sovereignty? Third, the contract violates the pacta sutservanda principles, which expresses that all treaty has to be signed in good faith, however this treaty was signed to set up naval and coaling bases, changing it later into a military base and years after into a prison and center of torture. And fourth the rebús sic stantibus principle which states that all treaty is void when conditions change and conditions changed in 1959 with the ascent of a revolutionary government dignified and independent, which does not want to maintain that illegal treaty, treaty that can be cancelled under the rebus sic stantibus principle.”

The statement concludes saying that the Treaty of Paris is illegitimate. (Cubaminrex)

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