Cuba and the United States hold meeting on human smuggling and migration fraud

On December 12, 2017 a new technical exchange was held in Washington D.C. between Cuban and US authorities on the combat against human smuggling and migration fraud, with the objective of increasing the bilateral cooperation in that area.

This meeting takes place as part of the law enforcement dialogue, which both parties maintain to coordinate the combat against transnational crimes affecting the two countries. The meeting was held in an ambiance of respect and professionalism.

The Cuban delegation was composed of representatives from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while the US delegation was composed of representatives from the Departments of Homeland Security and State.

The delegations of both countries reviewed the actions implemented during the period. They provided each other with updated information on the trends of human smuggling and migration fraud in the context of the current bilateral situation and identified new actions that will favor the operational cooperation in the future. Likewise, they shared the view to advance in the prevention of and combat against this crime with the objective of continuing reducing its negative impact on the migration relationship between both countries; a reduction that both parties have witnessed as from the adoption of the Joint Statement of January 12, 2017.

Both parties expressed that the meeting was useful and agreed to maintain these exchanges in the future.




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